Hypnosis is widely misunderstood because of its use as entertainment.

Contrary to popular thought, the hypnotist cannot have the subject do something the subject does not want to do. Nor is the subject asleep. The subject is awake and conscious during the session. There may be a sensation of floating above one’s seat or melding into it, but the overall sense is one of physical, mental and emotional relaxation. The subject hears and remembers what is said.

Before a Hypnotherapy session, the client identifies a behavior, attitude or belief they would like to change or a goal they would like to achieve. The client’s desired outcomes are woven, as positive suggestions, into the Hypnotherapy Session.

Hypnosis actually gives the individual hypnotized more control in achieving their inner most desires.

Hypnotherapy produces an altered state of consciousness that is receptive to positive suggestion. In this state, the subconscious is more focused and alert while the conscious mind takes a back seat. The only suggestions made are those that serve the client’s good. Even after treatment ends, the client is more likely to stick with the pre-determined goals and outcomes that were woven into the session as positive suggestions.

I believe that with understanding, compassion and enlightenment we can improve our lives.


Robbie Hinchey, MRP, CH, EFT, MEd, has over 40 years’ experience as a stress reduction specialist.

Reach Your Goals

By reducing stress, you can clearly identify your goals and determine how to reach them.


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